Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And So It Goes

This sweater is a fussy bugger. It's supposed to be a sleeved poncho, which I know I'll appreciate on lazy weekends with cuffed jeans or jeggings, but it is otherwise a big ol' tent. I thought I'd try belting it to give it some shape, but this is effective only as long as I don't move my arms - it reveals its poncho-ness (ponchitude?) with those gaping sides. I do like the scalloped effect that results, but it sure does like to ride up more often than not.

Linen blend poncho/sweater - TJ Maxx / Grey ponte skirt - eBayed / Camisole - Anthropologie /
Skinny gold belt - Talbots / Sandals - Nine West / Handbag - Furla (renting via BBOS)

Since I love to pair green with grey, I thought this top would work well with my funky zipper back pencil skirt - last worn with green as well! (I didn't capture a picture of the back of this outfit because my backside is not my best side of the fussy riding-up-issue aforementioned.) Needing more accessorizing especially at the neckline, I added this new clustered necklace of mine. It's definitely one of those that doesn't "match" but "goes" - the color palette works with the colors in the outfit overall, and it has just the right amount of bulk that it balances out the volume of the top.

Ring - Ruche / Necklace - Ruche / Earrings - Maurices

In other, but related, news, I need to experiment with other indoor photo locations in the new place. This narrow white door is quickly becoming a bore, and it's not even winter yet!


  1. nice and lovely as usual - may I ask a personal question - trust me I am not a pervert... really !!

    What kind of undergarments to you wear...brand?  I am looking for the same "shape"

  2. totally fair question! i'm a huge fan of lane Bryant bras - the balconette and new plunge are my all time favorites, and they're always at least buy 1 get one half off. (twice a year they're buy 2 get 2 free!). i'm also an even bigger fan of spanx!


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