Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Little Lace

I'm making decisions, ya'll; making decisions and movin' onward and upward. The past few days have given me opportunities to reflect on the things I want most out of life, what I'm good at, what keeps me the most engaged and fulfilled. I won't go into too many particulars at this point, not least because nothing has really been put into action yet, so please forgive my (necessary) ambiguity. (Although, if you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you may have some idea.) It's all definitely in its early stages, but even the baby steps feel pretty darn good.

I'm getting oh-so-closer to being caught up with my outfits, too! I can't believe how long it's taken me to get back into the groove post-summer, but I thank you for sticking with me and encouraging me along with the way! It's so nice to know you're out there, ya know?

Lace shoulder tee - Lane Bryant / Ponte pencil skirt - Dorothy Perkins /
Handbag - Furla (via TJMaxx) / Shoes - Nine West

This outfit was ensemble #3 that owes its inspiration to product styling rather than stock photos. (See also #1 and #2.) I mean, I completely passed over this mostly uninspiring lace shoulder tee a few times both online and in store. On its own, it's kind of an unflattering snooze, even if it does reference current trends. But add a belt (rule of thumb, methinks) and some long necklaces ala the seasonal mailer, and you have yourself a surprisingly classy yet terribly comfortable outfit. Lane Bryant, whoever styled your August mailer knocked it outta the park. YA HEAR ME! More of this, please.

Belt - Lane Bryant / Necklace - Lane Bryant / Ring & Earrings - The Limited /
Nailpolish - Essie "Bobbing for Baubles" (via Ulta)

Seriously - tee shirt and ponte knit pencil skirt? It's a well-worn silhouette in these here parts, but never has it felt so much more like lounge wear than work wear.

Also.... BE SURE TO VOTE! MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! I'll be a nervous wreck for most of the day, without or without a major performance to supervise, but at least I'll have work to keep me somewhat distracted until the votes are all in!


  1. Love this look! Blue and black are my staples but this looks fresh and new! Keep on updating and good luck with your newest endeavor.

  2. flyingpurplehipposNovember 8, 2012 at 5:18 PM

    Cobalt blue and black is one of my favorite color combos. This may not be *quite* cobalt blue, but I'm still going to call it that.

  3. This outfit is so flattering on you in so many ways. The color combination is striking and the black lace insets on the shoulders takes it up a notch. The silhouette is also very flattering to your curves. Really pretty.

    Lisa/Dangerous Curves


  4. I have this top and as a bigger girl, I don't like the fit. It's snug and too boobalicious :/

  5. But on you it looks fab!!!!


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