Monday, November 12, 2012

Print Cue

I'm desperately trying to clear out my backlog of all the obviously pre-fall pictures. The green grass and lush trees are sad reminders of a season that no longer is. Well, actually, I really don't mind that autumn is in full force and that the holiday season is well on its way. I just gotta get caught up, is all!

I'd like to think that the color palette of this outfit is inspired by a pimento olive somewhat autumnal, anyway. After falling head-over-heels with this SWAK top (first worn here), I knew I'd need to find layering options for it to be worn in cooler weather. A new infinity scarf in a cheerful print helped pave the way.

Cropped jacket - Maurices / Mia top - SWAK / Jeans - Lane Bryant /
Handbag - Tano / Sandals - Nine West
Ring - Ruche / Scarf - Anthropologie / Earrings - Ruche

That's right, all color cues were taken right from the scarf itself. As it was a new item in my closet, I desperately wanted to wear it, like, immediately, so I set about building an outfit around it. The SWAK top was basically meant to be worn with it, and my oft-worn cropped olive jacket was an equally destined topper. When in doubt, follow the print!

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  1. Love that top on you, and it's so perfect with the scarf! Fab color combo. I seriously just need to go ahead and order that top, especially now that it's on sale. Maybe they'll have a Cyber Monday sale... :)


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