Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Ring Collection

A recent Twitter conversation with Sara of Bombshell Beauty sparked her suggestion that I do a post of all my rings... which are many and growing... So, I shall oblige!

It goes without saying that I love a cocktail ring. They can make such a fun statement and, when needed, add a great pop of color to an outfit. I've also realized that I prefer them to bracelets, which often just look too bulky on my already thick wrists. I wear a ring with every outfit, whether or not you see them in my posts. I used to be sure to always photograph them, but I gave that up after awhile. So, now you can just reference this post if you want to figure out which one I'm wearing! Haha! 

This first set is of my largest rings. Not sure I'll ever go much larger! These are probably also my favorite, most worn rings. These sizes are large enough to be noticed immediately, but too bulky that they get in the way of things. Though, I do admit that I'll take them off when I'm typing and such.

Clockwise from far left: 1) Hammered disc ring - The Limited 2) Black enamel floral ring - The Limited 3) Turquoise and gold ring - Banana Republic 4) Pink floral ring (with stretch band) - New York & Co. 5) Cream and gold enamel ring - Banana Republic
6) Gladiator disc ring - Banana Republic 7) Sterling silver floral ring - TJ Maxx

Banana Republic and TJ Maxx are my favorite places to go for statement jewelry, period, but I especially love their rings. I rarely pass up a chance to peer through BR's glass cases of fantastic baubles! TJ Maxx actually has great larger Sterling Silver pieces, whereas BR's rings are all plated. But, I'm no ring snob - I'm just in it for the look! I've also gotten a few great pieces from The Limited too.

I don't spend too much money (never more than $50) on any one ring. I know there are fabulous ring makers out there like Alexis Bittar, Kenneth Jay Lane or Stephen Dweck that'll let you drop hundreds of dollars on, albeit stunning, costume pieces. I try not to look at them for that reason! Though, I might borrow them from time to time from Avelle... 

This next set is of my more medium sized rings - so not necessarily cocktail rings, but still indispensable accessories. I'd wear the two sterling silver pieces for more casual, everyday wear. In fact, fun sterling silver rings are my go-to for everyday wear, even if I'm just out running errands!

Clockwise from top left: 1) Sterling silver spiral ring - Kohl's (gifted) 2) Turquoise square ring - The Limited 3) Multicolored stone ring - Banana Republic 4) Sterling Silver Onyx & Mother-of-Pearl Ring - Kohl's (gifted) 5) Sterling Silver wrapped ring - Kohl's

This final set is of my smallest and perhaps dressiest rings. Truth be told, I don't wear them too often, but should I need something elegant but not, er, too gaudy, these would my options. I especially love the marcasite pieces! All of these are from Kohl's, too. As I prefer my dressier jewelry to be sterling silver at least,  I know I can always get a great deal at Kohl's, especially when they do 60% sales - which is more often than not!

Clockwise from top left: 1) Small marcasite ring - Kohl's 2) Large disc marcasite ring - Kohl's 3) Multicolored rectangle mother-of-Pearl ring - Kohl's 4) Oval mother-of-pearl ring - Kohl's 4) Embedded opal ring - Kohl's

So, that's my (current) ring collection! I probably add a new ring every few months ago. I always have my eye out for fantastic/pretty/funky pieces!

Next time on Jessica's Obsessions: Handbags!


  1. That was so fun to check out your ring collection! Thanks for sharing it. I have a similar floral ring from TJ Maxx, which is one of my favorite places to shop for jewelry too! I can ALWAYS find something I like there for a price I can afford.

  2. Thanks for sharing - you've given me a little inspiration to go out and forage to add to my own ring collection. :)

  3. yay! i was JUST browsing eBay, too, and you can find lots of great BR jewelry for a steal. I might have bought 3 new ones, including one i rec'd as a gift but recently lost... I saw the turquoise/gold one that I have there, too!

  4. i know! isn't that the best! i bought that ring awhile ago, but i was checking out the jewelry case for pieces to wear for new years - so much great stuff that I KNOW i'll be going there more often.


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