Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Striking Gold

The more I look at these pictures, the more I love this outfit. There's something so happy about it!

Mustard printed cardigan - thrifted / Embellished top - Urban Outfitters / Flare leg denim - Lane Bryant /
Teal skinny belt - The Limited / Camel heels - RSVP (via Zappos)

It was another one I put together in the moment of late-night creativity. I didn't try it on last night, but I'm thrilled with how it all came together. I especially like the proportions of color, shape, detail, and pattern. And really, this equation never fails: favorite jeans + cardigan + embellished top = always easy and cute!

The sweater is one I found at a consignment shop the same time I found the mustard cardi for my "Ariana" outfit. I bought them both at the same time because I didn't know which one would work best with the intended outfit, especially since I liked the idea of the pattern on this one. And it was exactly the pattern in the sweater that inspired me to try a little pattern mixing today! I first tried it with a striped top, which could also be great, but not the particular top I had. The top I finally settled on is more embellishment than pattern, but I love the effect nevertheless. It's also sort of a remix, too, since I've never worn it with anything else but cuffed jeans in the summer. (Snoooooze.) It's a total tent of a shirt on its own, though - no shape whatsoever! But just add a colorful belt and long jewelry and it's a new outfit! I'm getting a hang of this...

I'm also wearing the new ring I mentioned yesterday! What can I say, I love a cocktail ring, and this one is no exception. The necklace was a fabulous birthday gift from a friend of mine - one who is super fashionable herself. This was actually its first wearing, and I can't think of a better debut!

Ring - Banana Republic (eBayed) / Turquoise medallion necklace - gifted

Fabulous blue nailpolish - Yoga-ta Get This Blue! (OPI)

I guess I should do my class readings now. You know, the ones that were assigned last week. I've been ABD for so long (and a working girl for so long) that I barely remember how to be a good student. Good thing I'm auditing!


  1. I loveee the print on that cardigan! I'm still on the hunt for the perfect bright yellow one...

    Love this remix. Lookin' good lady!

  2. Love the new sweater but for me the star is that necklace! WANT!~

  3. You definitely got it right.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this. I totally need that belt! And I keep saying I want a mustard cardigan. I fail... because I'm not buying anything for a LONG time. :/ You're gorgeous, my friend!

  5. Isn't it the best when an outfit turns out as wonderful as you planned it in your head? I love this on so many levels!


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