Saturday, January 29, 2011

Beautiful Baubles

Hopefully by now you know my love of statement accessories - be it necklaces, rings, handbags, belts, name it. So I just about flipped my lid when Ariana of FATale Fashion announced her CatMooreDesign Giveaway! After four wonderful posts featuring this jewelry designer that had me drooling, I was completely shocked (and soooo excited) when she announced that she was going to give one of her pieces away! There's taking one for the team, Ariana!  (I don't think I could have had as much willpower with accessories like those...) So make sure you not only stop by Ariana's blog to enter the giveaway (and really just because she's one of my favorite bloggers), but also check out Cat Moore's amazing creations at her Esty shop!

Er, or maybe I shouldn't encourage you to enter the giveaway so I can win!!! =D

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