Friday, February 10, 2012


I attended a remarkable concert last night: the St Olaf Choir's 100th Anniversary Tour. It was a concert that made me miss the act of making music, especially singing in a choir. Yep, little known fact, I was a singer in college (a pianist, too), and some of my most cherished memories involve choirs and the music we created. The sound of the voice, of the harmonies and dissonances possible, the tone colors, the texts - these have always moved me more than anything else. And I just miss it. The choir's performance was inspiring: impassioned yet restrained, spiritual, genuine and nearly flawless. And it's got me thinking that I need to find ways to make music again...

Lucille lace skirt - c/o Kiyonna / Fur collar cardigan - Eloquii / Camisole - Eloquii /
Platforms - Nine West  "Hopefloat" (via

And so, a remarkable night calls for a remarkable outfit, does it not? (Or is it that a remarkable outfit calls for a remarkable night?) Absolutely. I received the luxurious Lucille Lace Skirt from Kiyonna just in time for this concert, and it was just what I wanted to wear for the occasion. It fits like a dream - comfortably fitted and hitting ever-so-perfectly below my knees. The seaming in the front draws nice lines along the body, and the champagne underlay is so classic and elegant. I felt like a million bucks; I felt like I owned the place (though in my position I guess in a sense I already do), commanding attention, respect, and even desire from all who crossed my path. Okay, okay...I might be getting carried away, but isn't that we should feel everyday? It never fails to amaze me what power clothing can have...

I did have some trouble fining the perfect top, however. Black lace over nude lining makes for rather limited outfit choices. The right silhouette, restrained details, and good structure were also important to me. I needed to find something that stood up to the skirt but didn't detract from it, something that highlighted my curves while highlighting the skirt itself.

I decided I needed to stick with a black top, using color where I could in other accessories. A buttoned cardigan seemed too plain, but I didn't have much else in my wardrobe (believe it or not). A portrait collar could be glorious, but I didn't have anything in the right color or material. (Velvet? No.) But thanks to Eloquii's 46% Superbowl day sale, I thought I'd try this fur collar wrap cardigan of theirs. It was final sale, but it was cheap and getting great reviews. I thought that its v-neck and wrap shape (which Kiyonna's ever-amazing Evania also recommended) would offer the perfect silhouette. The fur collar was a great detail on its own, but it also seemed a perfect complement to lace. (I'll have to thank the trends for this one.) It wasn't until I received it in the mail and tried it on did I realize that it really was the perfect top for the skirt. I could stop looking!

Ring - Banana Republic / Necklace - Anthropologie / Earrings - The Limited

I waited to choose accessories until I put everything on, rummaging through all my jewelry for the right color component. My inclination was turquoise, mainly because it was the same direction I went with the gold and black palette for NYE. But this was also why I wanted to do something different. Gold, definitely, but I need a little extra color somewhere. After a few misfires, I came to this striking peach stone necklace. It was just the right amount of color I was after, allowing me to leave my earrings and ring to simple golds. The only obvious choice in all of this were nude platforms, come to think of it...

A harmonious outfit, I dare say. Music to my ears. =)

Post-performance in the Lower Foyer of the Great Hall


  1. Beautiful! I have zero musical talent so I admire those who can sing. Hope you had a wonderful time. Cheers!

  2. That skirt is perfection!! I love it with the nude pumps! I've got to get a pair of those!

    Katie- Hems For

  3. Ooooo La La! I LOVE the skirt with the faux fur trimmed cardi. You look so elegant and sophisticated! :)

  4. Oh, yes, this outfit sings the high notes! Laaa! Beautiful!

  5. Is this skirt fitted our does it stretch & move w/ you?

  6. Hi jacqueline. there's actually a lot of stretch to the skirt. it slides right on/off me and moves with me all day. it doesn't stretch OUT tho - making it too big, etc.. it's a great fit and it's one of my favorite pieces!


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