Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Camel's Hump

This is one of those outfits that was seemingly only intended for the blog. Aside from a short work meeting, I saw pretty much no one all day. But hot pink heels shall not be wasted! Thank you, blog.

Yes, you've seen this sweater before in black. I liked it (and its price at extra % off) so much that I decided to make it a pair. The fur collar is removable on both, converting the sweater to a nice tied cardigan for warmer weather. For now, I like the cozy, luxe look of the fur and rich caramel coloring. Especially if I'm only wearing it for myself anyway - I like how it feels on my neck. =)

Fur collar cardigan - Eloquii / Camisole - Eloquii / Denim - Lane Bryant /
Sandals - Nine West / Handbag - Gustto

I thought I should try for some color, though. It was a warm enough (i.e. above 40°) to break out some open-toed sandals, so I chose these bright pink lovelies for a kick, doubled by my fuchsia Gustto. Now that I look at these pictures, though, I'm not sure why I was so afraid of all those luscious camel tones on their own. Perhaps I harbor a secret fear of neutrals, as if color is the only thing that imparts an outfit's interest. As if that fur collar wasn't enough! Meh, who can deny the opportunity to wear hot pink open-toed sandals on a cloudy day?

Best moment of the day? Walking to said work meeting and getting a "Now those are some awesome shoes!" from a girl walking in the opposite direction. I guess the outfit wasn't lost on my corner of the world after all. =)

Earrings - Ruche / Ring - Banana Republic / Necklace - The Limited (?)


  1. I recently found your blog through the Kiyonna site. I love it! You introduced me to Eloquii and I just picked up that sweater in black. Now I think I should have gone with camel too! I love your fascination with shoes. If I had to dress up for work each day, you would be my style icon! Thanks for sharing your fashion sense for real women on your blog. New follower!
    Enjoy teh day. Erin

  2. I love how cozy this looks. Chic and modern with minimal effort. You choose pieces well!

  3. I love camel and bright pink! I saw that sweater online. Now that I see it on you, I may just have to buy it!

  4. I purchased that cardigan a few months ago. I always get compliments. I wore it yesterday w/o the fur got even more compliments. So worth the money.

  5. I also got the sweater and love it. But I wouldn't have thought of wearing it with the pink shoes! Great idea!

  6. Love this sweater and the pink is the perfect pop of color! Thanks for sharing with us.  


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