Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Recent Acquisitions: Lazy Wednesday Edition

...also known as an I-absolutely-hated-yesterday's-outfit-so much-that-I-changed-into-something-I've-worn-recently-on-the-blog-during-my-lunch-break-and-therefore-don't-have-a-new-outfit post. It happens to all of us, doesn't it? (The rejected top is getting consigned pronto, in fact.) So instead I present to you all manner of goodies that are on their way to me now.

Antique Magnolias Blouse - Anthropologie

I've been lusting after this beautiful top forever, and it finally went on sale! Mine!!

Black ivory peplum dress - Dorothy Perkins

I've been wanting something with peplum lately, and Dorothy Perkins is just cranking out the goodies on that score. The best part? The price is always right! I couldn't decide between nude, blue or peach, but I finally picked this amazing graphic print. It has lots of potential to either go big with some bright platforms or toned down with a buttoned cardigan. I just wish they'd offer free return shipping so I can shop with a little less risk, though. There are some styles I want to try but I'm just not sure if they'll work for me. International return shipping is no joke...

Hopefloat - Nine West (via

Believe it or not, I don't own a pair of black closed-toe platforms. I clearly had to remedy that with this crocodile-embossed pair - and priced at half off!

Stripe ponte pencil skirt - Dorothy Perkins

Stripes? Pencil skirt? Seems like a no-brainer to me. Gonna wear it just like this ASAP.

Leandra on White Air Jacket - Tibi (via Power Support USA)

Confession: this is my 5th iPhone case since I got my pretty white iPhone for Christmas. (This amazing case is now relegated to second place.) But how could I resist???

Naked2 - Urban Decay (via Sephora)

Everyone and their mom seems to be talking about this palette. I loves me some neutral eyeshadows (I haven't been able to wear anything but the Too Faced Naked Eye Palette since I got it in the fall), so I caved. I have yet to really experiment with combinations, though. Any favorites? I know you have it, too...

And now that I've shared this with you, I declare myself officially banned from shopping until the end of March. I'm serious. I have to be... I think I'm going to need your help, though.


  1. Jessica,
      All your goodies are fabulous! I really love the dess and can't wait to see how you style it. The embroidered blouse is stunning, and I think my favorite is the phone cover, phones are so generic...yours will be very stylish.

  2. Oh la la!  The skirt and the dress are WOW!  You have such a great eye for style....I'm just going to play follow the leader and swipe some of you style ideas!  


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