Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just for Kicks

Yep, it's the red stripe shirt again. And the brick wall of my patio. I was feelin' kicky with my cuffed skinnies and wedges though! They make my ankles look pretty good, if you ask me... (Hmm, thoughts of participating in Academichic's Dress Your Best feature are fluttering about...)

Red striped shirt - Urban Outfitters / Dark skinnies - Gap / Wedges - LOFT

I've actually worn this outfit a few times already this summer. It's a great go-to when I feel that I need a little umph in my (often boring) summer wardrobe choices. There's something just a smidge sexy about it - the neckline, the zipper that could unzip (oh the suspense!), the shape, the close-fitting jeans - but it's also a pretty tried-and-true (read: forgiving) silhouette that seems to work for me, especially where those tricky skinnies are concerned.

Handbag - Steve Madden

For this particular wearing, we were traveling to Chicago (a 2+ hour drive), followed by a sushi dinner in Wicker Park. So, I wanted to be casual, somewhat comfortable, but still cute. I was also planning for 90 degree weather, hence the minimal layers, but wouldn't it figure that it cooled off quite a bit, so much so that I was a little chilly while we walked to dinner. Ah, the finicky temperatures of the Midwest... Whatever. I'm just thrilled that I seem to be mastering the art of a stylishly casual/comfortable outfit!

Necklace - Lane Bryant Outlet / Ring - Banana Republic

Bottom line, I think there are few more wearings of this outfit in store this summer...


  1. I'd say you HAVE mastered the stylishly casual and comfortable look. :) I love those cuffed skinnies on you!

  2. Still love this shirt on you! And the jeans look great! I'm also a fan of ankle skimming skinnies! So flattering.

  3. You are most definitely mastering stylish yet comfortable - totally jealous!  You look HOTTT!!!


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