Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Velvet Crush

One of the best things about working multiple shows of The Nutcracker is the high number of darling little girls that come all dressed up in their holiday best for the occasion. Velvet, glitter, bows, and full skirts; red, green, winter white, black - everyone is a Christmas princess for the day. It's absolutely endearing. I'm happy to say that the boys set the bar high this year, too, donning bow ties, fancy shoes and little manly suits and vests. One little boy even wore a fedora. A FEDORA! He won, hands down - yes, even over all the little girls in tulle. Presh beyond words.

I wasn't inspired by much red or green in my own wardrobe, so I went for velvet in a rich, royal blue, sweet little sheer cap sleeves and princessy peplum. I totes fit in.

Velvet peplum top - Dorothy Perkins / Pencil skirt - Simply Be / Heels - BCBG (eBayed)

The sheer yoke sure does make bra choice difficult, though. Even a nude bra was visible, and that just wouldn't set a very good example for all those impressionable young girls! I refuse to wear a strapless bra if I can help it, but it many ways it was the only bra style I owned that didn't peek through the top sides. My girls need straps though, so thank goodness for the clear strap option!

Ring - TJ Maxx / Earrings - The Limited / Nails - Essie "Fair Game" (via Ulta)

I almost saved this outfit for a potential NYE ensemble (the jury's still out on exactly what that'll be), but I couldn't resist wearing it to work for these events. I'd like to think that, if I were 6 and headed to The Nutcracker with my grandmother (a wish I always had but one that never came true), I'd don a little (or a lot of) velvet too.


  1. That top is beautiful! *swoon* You always look so professional. Just curious, how many pencil skirts do you have?

  2. thank you!! i really adore this top.

    i'm embarrassed to admit that i probably own about 20 pencil skirts - this is just an estimate, though!

  3. love the outfit! I wanna get the same one and I think I'm about your size, what size did you get?

  4. Hi, I'm really sorry to bother you again but you didnt reply my comment below and I wanted to get this top online and I would really appreciate it if you tell me what size you got :)

  5. ack! so sorry about that - vacation has gotten the best of me. I got a size 14, and it's even a little roomy! there's no stretch, tho - and it fits perfectly in the arms, so i wouldn't want to size down. hope that helps! it really is a pretty top!

  6. sorry again but did you wear spanx with this? I'm contemplating whether to get a size 14 or 16.

  7. i am, but there really is a lot of room in the stomach area. it feels so loosely there that it just kind of floats off the bust. if you are at all in-between sizes, i would go with the 14.

  8. Pencil skirts look really stunning !! i guess they can never be out of fashion!! thanks for the post! http://9thelm.com/strappys-decorative-bra-straps/


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