Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Feel Pretty

Whoa boy. Where to start. Another busy week means blogging sadly takes a back burner again. I've been pretty good about snapping some pictures at some point in the day, however, so I'm glad I can take some time (when I can) to go back and document these outfits! So, I think I'll start with my favorite outfit from this past week (Wednesday, as this post is dated) - and favorite pictures, too!

From the Meadows Tank - Anthropologie / Open cardigan - Gap / Grey pencil skirt - Chloe Dao (eBayed)

The top is a gem, plain and simple. It just makes me feel....pretty! It was an Anthropologie sale find at the end of last summer, and though I wasn't sure I'd be able to get much wear out of it in the colder months (and I didn't), it remains one of my favorite tops. It is just so beautifully cut, and those floral corsage-like appliques are fabulously decadent. I think it brings nice attention to my decolletage and face, while its peplum design floats over all the bobbles in my midsection. It is a sleeveless tank, though, so I chose to add a lightweight open cardigan to cover my arms. While it hit near 70 today, I'm not quite ready to bare 'em...ever...

Handbag - Gustto
Ring - Banana Republic / Earrings - LOFT

With all the sweetly neutral tones of the top, cardigan and skirt, I added pops of color with my accessories - bright turquoise in my earrings and ring; and bright fuchsia in my handbag.

And oh yeah - check out my pumps, people (as I'm apparently doing in this picture). These open-toed patent nude platforms from Guess are KILLER! I did feel like a giant in them today (and one visiting artist even said as much) - making me hit over 6' easily. Surprisingly, they weren't all that uncomfortable, though!

Nude patent pumps - Guess "Hondo3" (via Piperlime)

I experimented with a few new locations today, too, and I'm digging the diffused light of location in the first few pics above, the blooming yellow bush behind me above, and he play of shadow and direct light in this one below. I still feel like a freak show when I'm out and about posing and whatnot in front of my neighbors (something I don't think I'll ever get over, either), so I'm glad some of these new locations offer both privacy and good lighting. =)

Le sigh. Such a happy, flattering, special top. =) It's exactly the kind of top that brought me to Anthropologie (and keeps me there) in the first place.


  1. Double word bonus for decolletage! I've tried to incorporate the word in a sentence a few times and end up having to define the word and then my point is just lost. The shirt IS beautiful - I love the flowers and the cut. It is great to have a few of those special pieces in the closet that just make your day!

  2. Very cute!! Love the flowers on the top, they're so feminine and sweet! And those yellow bushes ALWAYS remind me of spring - we had tons of them in my backyard growing up. Ours haven't bloomed yet but hopefully they will soon!

  3. I know what those dang busy weeks are like! But you look amazing. That top IS a gem! It's extremely flattering and so much fun! I can see it being appropriate for work, a party, a date... It's not often you find giant flowers to be so versatile!

    And the shoes. Yes... the shoes.
    I don't own nude heels.
    I think that's probably sinful. yes?

  4. Just tooling around and stumbled onto your blog and I have to say - LOVE this outfit from top to bottom! It is fabulous! I want the tank AND the shoes!


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