Wednesday, August 7, 2013

High and Low

I'm pretty sure I wore this outfit over 5 times before I sent the top back to Gwynnie Bee - basically any time I wanted to leave the apartment and actually do something with myself. (My maxi dresses got a nice little break during those days.) I even contemplated purchasing the top with their new Try Then Buy program, but decided against it. If one top is able to single-handedly convince me to jump aboard the hi-lo bandwagon, however, this one did the trick.

Hi-Lo Top - Eloquii via Gwynnie Bee / Skinny jeans - Lane Bryant / Sandals - Nine West (n/a)

It's a delightfully colorful top, as you can see, and so darn comfortable (read: concealing) that I was reluctant to acknowledge its faults. For instance, I wish the neckline were more open or the sleeves a little longer, or that it didn't make me look like a gigantic tent from the side (not pictured, obvi). But it was the perfect complement for skinny jeans and my current favorite (and equally colorful) handbag pulled out one of its many hues. I was at least happy that a long pendant necklace helped break up the neckline and redefine the bust area. Uni-boob is no joke, my friends.

Necklace - Hive & Honey (via Piperlime) / Ring - Ruche (n/a) / Earrings - The Limited /
Nails - OPI Espresso Your Style (via Ulta)

The back of the top is undeniably fun, and its v-shaped (back) neckline is another one of my favorite features of the top. I can understand the complaint that many such hi-lo garments make a person look like one has a tail, but I say whatevs. Work it! It's a trend I've been extremely picky about, but it's one I don't mind participating in while it lasts. I definitely prefer hi-lo tops over dresses at the moment. It's rare that I find a dress with a "hi" hem that's long enough for me, but tops are mostly fool-proof, and they really are the perfect topper for skinnies.

In other life news, I had an interview this morning and I think it went reasonably well! I didn't knock it out of the park (I'm much less eloquent than I used to be), but I'm cautiously optimistic. I have another first-round interview Friday morning (followed by a much-need hair appointment...whew!), so it's just good to even get to that phase! Not all hope is lost for my future. =D I sure do hate writing cover letters, though...

Handbag - Steve Madden (via TJ Maxx)

P.S. The offer still stands to give Gwynnie Bee a try for free for one month! Read about my first experiences with the clothing service here!


  1. Fun sister!!! I had no idea what you meant by a "hi-low" too until you showed the back... Fun!

  2. Love the top on you. Funky.

  3. Love this top paired with the jeans! Never thought about adding it to my closet, but now I may have to.


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