Thursday, July 12, 2012

Triple Threat

A week late, but still on my mind (and my photostream): Fourth of July extravaganza in Chicago. Bob and I had the crazy idea to find a deal on a hotel downtown near Navy Pier, with the intention to walk to the lakefront to enjoy the fireworks. Mostly, however, we wanted to spend the week catching up on a downtown life we wish we had, and especially to make our foodie pilgrimage to Charlie Trotter's before it closes in August. Lots of fabulous food, our favorite works at the Art Institute, incredible exhibits at the Field Museum (Bob), shopping (me), more fabulous food... Did I mention we're foodies? ...And fireworks, right from the view of our hotel room. Thank you, hotel upgrade, for sparing us from having to walk in the 100 degree heat into an overheated crowd of other fireworks-goers, especially when we were too ill (thanks to some possibly bad fish at dinner) to venture out anyway. Best.Surprise.Ever.

Our view from the InterContinental Hotel (historic side)!

And what I actually wore for the holiday really did have red, white and blue. Belts, that is. Still minimal, but pitch perfect holiday wear for the crazy hot weather, walking all over town earlier in the day, and trying to look chic (and maybe a smidge sexy) all at the same time. I felt statuesque. I was the Statue of Liberty! Or something...

Dream Chaser Maxi Dress - Ruche

The dress, from Ruche, is itself the result of a hunt for a black maxi dress. I have no idea why I needed one (apart from wanting more maxis), but I did. I even hesitated on the one-shoulder bit, but I'm glad I went for it because it's easily my favorite part about the dress. The sleeve is actually supposed to sit on top of the shoulder, like a tank, but once I figured out I could wear it off-shoulder, and that it looked a kazillion times better, I was over the moon. It comes with a wide woven stretch belt in cream and brown, which I quite like, but it was the width of it that even gave me the idea to wear multiple belts in the first place. The fact that it had the effect of corset made it even better.

Ring - Ruche / Blue belt - Kohl's / Red belt - Lane Bryant / White belt & earrings - LOFT

The trip really tested my skills at dressing for hot weather and lots of walking, though. Such a thing usually stresses me out because 1) nothing but heels seems to be in my shoe vocabulary and 2) I've always felt too uncomfortable baring so much skin, preferring to cover up/layer and, well, hide... And then feeling more uncomfortable cuz I'm sweating buckets in all those clothes and my feet are killing me. But, in part because of curvy self-love realness (thanks in no small part to the plus-sized blogosphere), a whole slew of comfy AND flattering (who knew?!?) summer dresses, and some seriously cute sandals, I'm finally getting over all those usual summertime dressing obstacles. I'd say that's a win.

Clutch - The Limited / Sandals - Nine West

This is the only outfit I documented on the trip, but I can assure you it was the no-contest winner. =)


  1. I'm envious of your trip! I miss Chicago, it was my stompping ground while I was growing up. Didn't know how much I loved deep dish pizza until I moved to GA (no yummy pizza). Didn't know Charlie Trotters was closing...sad. Your holiday wear choice is brilliant!
    Lori D.

  2. The dress is so pretty. I love the belts and the subtle nod to the holiday!

    The fireworks picture is really pretty and the art collage...well...all I can say is that you snapped that awesome Jackson Pollak!

  3. the pollack is one of our faves, for sure. i even got a great side view picture of all its texture. such a great piece.

  4. you know, i don't always love deep dish pizza, but i sure do love a chicago dog!

    apparently, trotter is closing the restaurant (after 25 years, mind you) to get a master's degree in history - crazy! glad we were able to go, that's for sure. what a remarkable experience.

  5. Wow, you look gorgeous! Those belts are phenomenal! I love your realization too! Summer used to stress me out beyond all belief (as a pale, plus sized, naturally sweaty person) but last summer, I finally came to the revelation that my skin is not horrifying and that the sight of my arms and legs will not cause anyone to fall over dead.

  6. I definitely got a super modern, super sexy Statue of Liberty vibe from this! Love it :)

  7. Va-Va-Va-Boom! Great look for the holiday, or anytime. You look stunning!

  8. I need to get those sandals right now! I too never know what to put on my feet in the summer when I have to walk miles.

  9. wow, you look STUNNING! *heart*

  10. flyingpurplehipposJuly 13, 2012 at 12:08 PM

    Have you ever been to a Brazilian steakhouse? They bring unlimited meat around to you on swords. We have a couple in Chicago. It is a fun experience to try. They're expensive but I recommend Texas de Brazil because if you sign up for their mailing list you get buy-one-get-one-free dinners on your birthday and anniversary.

  11. I love the belts! I never would have thought of that...


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